The Charles & Margaret Cohen Award

The Charles and Margaret Cohen Award was introduced and awarded for the first time in 2004, at the suggestion of an ex-pupil. It consists of a gold medal and a book chosen by a panel of judges.

The award

This award is given to the student who by his/her conduct has best embodied the values on which Charles and Margaret Cohen founded the school, and which the institution constantly renews and promotes. The student is chosen by three alumni from a shortlist of senior students proposed by the Secondary School teachers.

What is rewarded?

The award distinguishes the pupil whose conduct shows he/she has understood that:

  • the effort made is as important as the result, because in Woodville, without underestimating results, those who give of their best to the learning process are the ones who truly “succeed”;
  • self discipline is fundamental in order to achieve ones objectives;
  • by building on effort and discipline while students at Woodville, they are preparing to face the needs of society and the realities of the world they live in, so that they can offer their talents to society with versatility and generosity of spirit;
  • excellence requires teamwork, combining individual progress with a sense of solidarity, respect for others and for the environment , aligning personal behaviour with the interests of others, without compromising personal values.

To project the meaning of IN BONO VINCE into the future.

Woodville encourages those who participate in the task of educating or being educated to base their everyday lives on these principles, and put them into practice. The school believes in keeping these principles alive, whilst maintaining a dynamic view of the needs and challenges of modern education.

This initiative also tries to raise awareness in those who attend Woodville of the privilege of belonging to an institution that encourages behaviour based on values, and also that the students should recognise their debt to:

· their families, who with effort and perseverance support their child at Woodville,

· their teachers, who through their conscientious dedication embody values which are rare in today’s society, and

· the school leadership team, for their vision and effort in sustaining Woodville´s foundational values.

The candidate selection process

The identification of candidates involves a selection process in which the teachers participate, observing 4th and 5th year students in order to choose potential recipients of the award.

Candidate evaluation

After a process of internal selection, the profiles of a shortlist is submitted anonymously to the judges. The panel of judges can consult teachers, using the school authorities as intermediaries so as to preserve their anonymity. Once they have evaluated the information, the panel of judges makes a decision. They have the option of declaring the award vacant if no student can be found who meets the necessary criteria.

The panel of judges

This is composed exclusively of Woodville graduates. It is partially renewed every few years and its members are selected by the school authorities and by those who have served on earlier panels. The members of the first five panels were chosen from the pupils who graduated while Charles and Margaret Cohen still took an active part in school life. In that the prize embodies Woodville’s mission, the composition of the panel reflects the plurality of interests and values promoted by the award.

List of Judges

2004 Noemí Sosa, Tomás Smart, Andrés de la Cruz
2005 Matías Calandrelli, Jean Paul Guthmann, Andrés de la Cruz
2006 Jean Paul Guthmann, Alejandro Saint Antonin, Andrés de la Cruz
2007 Alejandro Saint Antonin, Carla Giumelli, Andrés de la Cruz
2008 Carla Giumelli, Bernardo Anger, Andrés de la Cruz
2009 Carla Giumelli, Bernardo Anger, Andrés de la Cruz
2010 Oscar Criado, Bernardo Anger, Andrés de la Cruz
2011 Matías Calandrelli, Leandra Asuad, Lucía Samengo
2012 Matías Calandrelli, Leandra Asuad, Lucía Samengo
2013 Leandra Asuad, Lucía Samengo, Guadalupe de la Cruz
2014 Leandra Asuad, Gilberto Hughes, Guadalupe de la Cruz
2015 Leandra Asuad, Lucía Samengo, Guadalupe de la Cruz, Matías Calandrelli
2016 Leandra Asuad, Lucía Samengo, Noemí Sosa
2017 Leandra Asuad, Ginny Jones, Lucía Samengo

Award Winners

- 2004 Mercedes Frei
- 2005 Tomás Burgoa
- 2006 Facundo Quiñones
- 2007 Francisco Jerman
- 2008 Lucía Cirimello
- 2009 Micaela Patiño Mayer
- 2010 Camila Gressani D´Amato
- 2011 María Eugenia Feroglio
- 2012 Trinidad Reddel Bianco
- 2013 Ignacio Burgoa
- 2014 Laura Little
- 2015 Violeta Smart
- 2016 Sasha Welleschik
- 2017 Julián Pruden
- 2018 Valentina Pruden & Gabriel Jimeno Ruiz