Enrolment and Fees - Primary School

Primary School:


Programmed activities at primary school level are carried out between 8.15 hr. and 16.15 hr.


Enrolment Fee
Monthly fees (11 instalments from February to December)

Primary Level Fee November 2022
1st. to 6th. form $ 65700.-

Scholarship and bonus*

Scholarship for ex-pupils: 15%.

Scholarship for siblings:
2nd sib. 5%
3rd sib. 20%
4th sib. 50%
5th sib. 100%

Scholarship for Woodville teacher sons/daughters: 26%

Bonus for paying beforehand: 2.5%

Bonus for paying the whole year beforehand: 11%

*In order to benefit from these benefits, families must be up to date with the payment of fees, both enrolment and monthly instalments.

- Information about getting enroled

Information: primaria@woodville.org