“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Romans 12:21

Our motto, chosen by the school’s founders, encapsulates in three Latin words the ideals they sought to teach at the school, which started in 1961 with a handful of students.

By choosing this motto we are declaring that our school is part of the quest for good to triumph over evil; that what we do, the choices we make, do matter, and that in life we can, and should, choose sides.

Therefore, the education we provide, and each one of us personally, is committed to finding the good, encouraging it and helping our students fulfil this role in their daily challenge of doing good and rejecting evil.

School Song

Both the music and lyrics of the School Song were composed by Mrs. Margaret Cohen. Every afternoon when the time came for Assembly the students would meet in the old hall, with their hymn books. Mrs. Cohen would settle down at the piano and her music would fill the hall, complementing the children’s singing.

Woodville School Song

Forward and upward
Ever be our watchword.
"In bono vince", motto true.
Hard work, integrity,
"Playing the game" as well
Forward, aye forward,
Woodville School!